To Experience Stillness: DANCE

Dance People

If you are shy, like I am, do it alone in your room but do it fully. 

Let your body flow in whatever direction it wants. 

Let it become one with the rhythm, the ups and downs of music. 

Let it slowly merge you with the universal energy all around.

Let it loosen your definitions of the self and the not self.

Dance people;

Let it show you how one gains control post letting go.

Let it take you to the state where nothing yet everything exists.

Dance people;

Let it liberate you from the chains of becoming. 

 Let it carry you to the beautiful, simple state of Being.

In the Now, In the Here, As it is.

Dance people to be free

Dance people to truly experience thee.  

P.S: Dancing has really helped me connect to the energy faster than even my erstwhile perceived notions of meditation. It has helped me open up my thoughts on what meditation really is; For me now its simply being in the moment, totally lost in the now and the here. Dancing helps me get to that stage frequently.  I would urge all of you to dance too. 🙂


Dancing on the heavenly meadows of Ali Budyal, high up in the Himalayas

P.P.S: I am sorry for not been frequent with my blog. Will write regularly from now on. Hope all is well. 🙂 🙂

33 thoughts on “To Experience Stillness: DANCE

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    • I loved the concept.. I am writing a post about my experience of dancing with another person with both of us blind-folded. It was bliss, just the mere fact of us being guided by a simple touch and what a beautiful dance it was.. 🙂

  2. Oh, I love to dance. Have been an east coast swing dancer for over 25 years. I love the communication between people that is required for couples’ dancing. swing, lindy hop, tango, salsa, the texas whip, west coast swing, two step ooooooo all of it

    • Wow.. I would love to learn some of the different dance styles from you someday… I am more of a free dancing with hands and legs going all over the place person… Share an experience wherein you gave in to the flow of dance and reached a different world altogether.. I would love to share that on my blog with your permission..:)

      • Sorry to take so long to reply! I haven’t quite got the hang of the comments….Come have a dance lesson! I started taking dance as an exchange student in Denmark. We learned an elaborate old dance called Lanciers (don’t know the spelling) for graduation. At graduation everyone marched into the ballroom, and the parents watched from a balcony above. We marched in couples and did a pattern, so that then it was four and eight and the whole room full. Then we broke into groups of eight for the lanciers. I went to some scandinavian dances in college, but after college I learned to contra dance in the Wash, DC area and then to do east coast swing: jitterbug! And that was entirely the best thing ever: so much fun!

  3. Thanks for liking my post and giving me an opportunity to discover your blog. I agree with a lot of what you say and it stands tenfold for dancing. I dance several types of dancing including freestyle, tango and salsa. There is nothing more liberating or empowering than dancing. Godspeed Nakul.

  4. Thanks for liking my story. This poem has inspired me — definitely need to dance more. Oh and in answer to your question above, godspeed is just a way of saying good luck. Happy dancing!

  5. Dance is the most beautiful of art forms. It involves the whole being, it is beautiful, releasing, feeling, and creative, but for me, it was the other way around: meditation taught me to dance.

  6. I will try the dance. It’s easy for me to imagine. I want to share an aspect of meditation that I’m not sure how to adequately explain. The richest result of my meditation is the hearing without words, the understanding that becomes the basis of perception, consciousness … all in response to leaving my intentions and questions in the field of nothingness from which everything emerges. Just like seeds in fertile soil that carry all their potential and that prosper with life.

    • Hi. Firstly, I am extremely sorry for missing out on responding to your beautiful, honest comment. Thank you for sharing with me your style of meditation. The very fact that you can’t articulate it well tells me how personal it is to you. In-fact, I believe that the strongest experiences/styles that I have had are the ones I would never be able to articulate. I have felt similar results or i should say by-products from my meditation too. The perception becomes really stronger and I have become much more aware about consciousness, both mine and universal. I would love to know you more for I feel we will surely connect. Do keep in touch my friend. Take Care. 🙂

      • The time I most lost myself most while dancing was about 6 years ago and I was dancing in my room. The music moved me so much that the whole world just melted away, I closed my eyes and just moved. When I was finished, I felt that my soul had just received a refreshing rain.

      • Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with me. I can totally connect to your experience for I underwent an almost similar experience and thus, know how serene everything is post it.. DO stay in touch my friend, I feel we have a lot in common. Looking forward to more conversations with you.. 🙂

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