Shaktism and Kundalini

Strong article on a topic which really intrigues me: The link between Shakti(movement) and Stillness; Also, this is really informative for those who want to understand more about Kundalini(the coiled up energy present within us all).

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Among the various paths within Indian spirituality, one of the most important is Shaktism – or the worship of Shakti (Power/Energy) which is personified as the Goddess. The philosophy is known as Shaktism and an adherent of the path is called a ShaktA. Some believe that this branch of spirituality originated at an ancient time from the root idea called Samkhya, which saw the world as a duality between Purusha – the male principle and Prakriti – the female principle. While the term Prakriti means Nature in general, the term Shakti specifically indicates energy/power. Shakti always invariable involved some form of movement, for manifested energy and power is best understood through the sense of movement, while Purusha indicated that point of stillness or immobility with respect to which the movement is perceivable. Shiva therefore represented the ultimate transcendental stillness while Shakti or the Goddess became the sum total of all…

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2 thoughts on “Shaktism and Kundalini

  1. Regardless of which religion, the principle is the same. These opposing forces are to be noticed in the mind. It is noticing, and finding a way beyond the conflict of choice which “is” transcendence to peace.

    Read my article: What Are We? – Consensus of ‘All’ Faiths

    • True.. I have often said this to people i know that if they were to really study the religions, they would find similar threads running under each.. Will read your article.. 🙂

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