An Introduction

Hello all,

Having finally decided to make a career for myself in the not so easy game bole toh: Politics, i decided to put my free time to good use by getting a head on experience of how this country is run by our not so famous politicians. What better way could it be of learning than directly from the horse’s mouth, so i decided to spend some time with some prominent politicians of my constituency to check out their way of operation and the level of work they actually carry out. I also wanted to see the way the people reacted around them, now I have always had a passion for studying human behavior so this was quite interesting for me. I also wanted to check out the ground realities of India and the potential steps that our so-called useless politicians were employing to encounter them.I also wanted to know what all it would take to actually become one of them and change the way things are run around here.

I immediately got down to work by approaching a leading lady politician from Haldwani(my hometown) and had to really persuade her a lot before she finally agreed to let me spend my days with her overseeing all of her activities.  I have in this column shared my experience of spending time with her and the other politicians that followed suit after her. Do read them and try to benefit from my experiences and do get in touch with me if you have an interest in active politics as i am constantly on the look-out for more such people.

Nakul Arora


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