Day 2

After a really exciting 1st day, I was really looking forward to spending more time with mam. However, the start of the 2nd wasn’t so good as I missed mam going out on her tasks by just a minute. This was an important lesson for me and I realised the importance of time and being punctual. A valuable lesson learnt right in the morning. Also, patience is one quality one has to have to survive in politics, infact it can be said to be the first key to being a politician. I had to wait for around 3 hours for mam to come back from her morning round. I finally got to meet mam at around 4 and then accompanied her on a visit to a no. Of places.
We first went off to the house of a muslim whose grandmother had passed away,she was 103 years old. I observed the change of look on madam’s face as she got off from the car. She had the gloomy,sympathetic look on her face. She had a look at the lady, sat down with the family & then left(all within 3 minutes,awesum timing right). I saw that throughout those 3 minutes mam’s face showed respect and sorrow for the family. From there we went on to visit 2 more deaths, yes be prepared to visit a lot of deaths,weddings etc, if you are planning to be a politician. Mam told that a public leader has to be with the people through sorrow and happiness, she told me that people expect perfection out of their neta and want them to be present everywhere which is practically impossible.
We then went off to visit a loyal follower of mam who was ill. Here, madam was genuinely concerned and I could make that out. She told me as to how important it is to take good care of your loyal followers through thick and thin. On her way back, we started off with a discussion on the gandhi family. Madam referred to them as pillars of congress and leader of the masses. I will be dedicating a full post on my discussion and views towards the gandhi family. Another important point she mentioned was that a leader was useful for the party when he gets votes/money on his name for the party, rather than benefiting on the party’s name. A very valuable point indeed. After coming back, mam got busy with a few personal meetings and I with compiling the results of my day’s work.
Looking forward to your remarks.

Nakul Arora

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