Defining LOVE : yet another attempt

Hello all out there,

The Romantic in me for some reason woke up today and all of a sudden decided to write about love. Now, writing about love is one of the toughest thing you can undertake(Apart from teaching kids of course). Millions of people have tried to define this strange yet wonderful feeling and have failed. However, i wouldn’t really mind being the million + 1’th fool who will try to work magic through his words seeking to unravel the mystery that is LOVE. What is it about this strange emotion, feeling that leaves us all searching for it throughout our lifetime, what it is about it that leave people who have experienced it even for an instant begging for more. What is it about this word that makes the whole world crazy for it. Some people say it’s the best thing to have experienced in the world and having been in love once myself i wouldn’t really disagree. So, what exactly is Love then, Well, as i know of it, love is a really really strange feeling which can not actually be described in just simple words. In fact, the human brain or the heart is unable to comprehend emotions of such strong magnitude and no words ever written are strong enough to describe it. It’s a feeling wherein you are so at peace with yourself, the world all of a sudden becomes a lot more beautiful and you start seeing and valuing even the smallest and slightest of things in life. You suddenly want to enjoy and live to the fullest every small moment of your life. You also start seeing the positive in everything around you; in all together the world becomes a really sweet and amazing place to be in. Love, many people say is all about finding the perfect person (or the imperfect person) and loving them perfectly, i don’t buy that. Love becomes perfect only when two people blend into it perfectly, they may both be imperfect (in fact we all are) but together they become a perfect one (i can’t really find the perfect word to fit here).

Love in its truest and craziest form is a feeling which cannot be understood (if it can be understood it’s not love), it can just be enjoyed and trust me, it’s only a very lucky few who actually get to feel it. People today don’t really value love that much, they would continue running towards it but will ignore it when it’s actually within their grasp. Love is neither about giving nor about taking, when you are in love all these things wouldn’t really matter anymore. It isn’t about the big things or the materialistic things, in fact it’s about the amazing small things that we don’t generally give importance to. The small walks, the sharing of a hot cup of coffee when it is raining, the slight touch on the head, holding together of hands or just sitting together without speaking just staring into the eternity.

Love is the beautiful feeling of eternal bliss, of knowing that there is someone always there for you no matter what, knowing that someone wouldn’t judge you no matter what, knowing that someone knows the real you and appreciates you for what you are, knowing that there is someone out there who will understand not only your words but also your silence, knowing that no matter what the world is like this one person would always be there for you. Love doesn’t involve any expectations, all it involves is a deep understanding between two souls. Would continue to write more on this……as of now all I have to say before I pen off is for all the lucky souls out there who have one such genuine experience in their lives, treasure it forever and if you are in one right now, keep it really really close because trust me, it’s a really rare thing in today’s world……




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