For the Play carries on and on

I thought I was indispensable, the one making a difference; The one earning the millions; the one moving the wheel; The one shaking the status-quo; the one challenging the system; I thought I was unique, one of a kind; A diamond amidst all the coal; A trickle of rain for the farmer about to lose…

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And They Say I Am Changing The World

On the way to visit one of my schools, As I sat back on my rickshaw enjoying the wind playing with my hair; The man pulling me towards my destination wiped the sweat off his brows.. And they say, I am changing the world. Looking the other way, As I yet again walked past the homeless…

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The Final Push: Closing onto my purpose

The mind is filled up with chaos yet the heart is extremely silent. Its sitting still and smiling for its knows its almost there, It knows it has earned it and there is nothing that can stop it from attaining it now. It knows that the the final fight has begun, the last struggle where…

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I Am

In the wind blowing by, rustling up the leaves, blowing up the hair, brushing off the face; I AM; In each droplet of rain, be it the first or the last, falling angrily with thunder or calmly with a breeze; I AM; In each emotion being expressed fully or not; I AM; In the first…

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The Aim

In this intricate web of existence, the aim is so beautifully simple; To exist as it is; With the awareness and acceptance of the black, the white and the gray, both within and without; To live fully attached while being utterly detached; To embrace the world(Maya) without, while keeping alive the recluse(Vairagi) within; To be…

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The Monologue

Character: Self Audience: Self/The Universe Setting: Standing at the edge of a cliff in the Himalayas Objective: To seek and to be Standing here, yet again I think of jumping. But into what, I know not. Haven’t I jumped multiple times already. Can it be more uncertain that it already is. I am not even…

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I am a mere instrument, the music is his

Dancing within and without; there are times, when I do mistake the dance to be mine With inflated ego, I go round and round; being it all. both the dancer and the dance; In those moments of seeking and enjoying fame, little do I remember the privilege that comes attached to the “I”; The privilege of being…

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