The eternal dance of entanglement and disentanglement

Witnessing things that were entangled beyond repair disentangle on their own, you are bound to wonder if there’s a higher power at work

You realize how along the journey, all you can do is put your best effort forward and then stand aside and watch life unfold; being a mere observer to the eternal, cyclic dance of entanglement and disentanglement

You realize how things that seemed impossible in a moment suddenly became possible in the very next

You realize how everything has a cycle and no matter how precious, they all shall pass

You realize that none of it is really in your control, yet it all is.

You realize how futile seeking is, for is there ever an end to it

You realize how the means and the ends are the same thing, how they are so interlinked that its tough to distinguish one from the other and how futile it is to chase one without the other

You realize how life has to be just lived, for what else is in your control

You realize there is no changing the world, there is only the “I”  that changes

You realize the illusion of the I doing it all

You realize how beautifully stuck you are in the whole game, how the thoughts of freedom lead you further deeper into the delusion

You realize there are only two paths: You either play it or step out out of it all; There is no middle way. You can’t be a sanyasi(one who has renounced the world) and karma-yogi(one engaged in the world) together

You realize how while playing it, you have to learn to not play; How to remain silent in speech; How to remain still amidst utter Chaos; How to be unattached in attachment

O’ Dear Universe, Bring on the eternal game of entangling and disentangling, I am ready to embrace the ocean of Maya(delusional world) now

But be assured, swim across the ocean I will ; Break free I will

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