The multitude of Ripples

The multitude of Ripples

Wreaking havoc all over my mind

Arising out of seemingly nothingness

Disappearing back into it;

The multitude of Ripples

Jumping in and out

Making me dance all around

The more I try to stop, the more they grow

The multitude of Ripples

Sometimes filling me up with fear, doubts or uncertainty;

Sometimes charging me up with confidence;

Sometimes leaving me confused inside out;

The multitude of Ripples

Mixing emotions all up;

Feeling sadness within happiness;

Joy within sorrow

Lust within love

Ego within selflessness

Ambition within humility

The multitude of Ripples

Difficult to avoid

Impossible to suppress

Forever occupant of the deepest realms of my mind

Muddling up both logic and irrationality alike;

At times silencing my core

Or driving me crazy with thoughts galore;

Turning me in an instant from superficial to intense or the other way around

The multitude of Ripples

Crazy yet mine

Maybe I will successfully wade through them

Or accept a peaceful co-existence

The multitude of Ripples


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