Is Home where the heart is

Or is it where our people are

Is it a physical structure

Or is it the warmth you experience from a loved’s one embrace


In this random mix of time and space, Is it the pull you feel towards a particular point

Or is it simply a feeling of attachment, a sense of belonging to a place

A place where you are unashamedly yourself

Or a moment in time where all the seeking ceases, even if for a fleeting second


Is knowing that you are adequate and complete

Or Is it where you attain the awareness of your present reality and make your peace with it being enough

Is it where you are able to feel both euphoria and sadness, accepting them both while getting attached to none


Is where our loved ones are

The people we fondly refer to as family, lovers, friends

That tiny bit of space we can always return to, feeling like we never left

A place that holds itself steady while life’s chaos throws us all over


A point in this random universe we feel one with

A part of our core identity,

One of the central components defining our roots

A place where we are loved and accepted with or without judgement

A place where the judgement ceases to matter

A group of people who you know will stick around no matter what

A feeling you know you can always find solace in

A beautiful sense of calm amidst all that moves

Knowing that you will be loved unconditionally

Knowing that you are able to love unconditionally


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