Is there a point to it all

Is there a point in falling in love;

In dancing in the rain; In singing with the birds;

In feeling unity or diversity or indifference towards anything or everything;

Is there a point in providing a month load of grains, so as to absolve our own conscience, to a person who has lost it all;

Is there a point in my being occasionally able to drink a 230 taka coffee while that kid on the Coconut water shop licks through the thrown coconuts each day for bits and pieces;

Is there a point to my writing this piece of crap that I would later attach myself to, by proudly claiming it as a piece of poetry;

Is there a point in going around claiming ourselves to be self-made wo/men, blatantly ignoring the privileges which got us there;

Is there a point in believing that I could ever understand what that girl with no legs experiences in her daily life as she begs on that flyover by the big, beautiful American Embassy;

Is there a point in thinking that the desire to earn money, seek fame is different from the desire to make impact, change the world;

There is no point, no meaning, no sense;

All that exists is random chaos; Anything and everything can/might happen;

What’s the ground today might be the roof tomorrow; Gravity might cease to exist and we might just all float around;

The mighty sun might burn all our god-dammit progress to a big ball of black ash,

All our science, religion, logic, emotion, development, oppression into one big black ball of ash;

From ashes we have risen, to ashes we shall return;

What point can there be to even seek a point in this temporary, ephemeral reality we call the Universe/world;

Is there a point to it all;

10 thoughts on “Is there a point to it all

    • Is there a point in moving towards knowing that all is impermanent? Also, once we know it, won’t we come back around in a circle by thinking, what was the point all along of my even trying to find the point? I hope you can get the essence of my comment for I know that I am unable to articulate my thoughts clearly. πŸ™‚

  1. Is there any point, when the good as we know now, becomes bad in a different light? Well as we ponder there is no point in anything, but then, that is the karma of doing without attachment to the results? Don’t know and if someone knows, will I be able to understand?

    • That’s exactly what I feel too. At times, it feels like it all makes sense and then at times, I feel as if I am trying to make it all make sense so as to not escape the reality that maybe, there is 0.0001% chance that all of this is for nothing. Its an eternal play, an endless drama. πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, the point is.. it brings you Happiness and Satisfaction. Read your poem again and you’ll realize it’s all about perception πŸ™‚

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