Life post Munni ki badnaami and Sheela ki Jawaani

Hello all,

If you think that the munni’s and sheela’s have been confined to just the dance floors or pubs or bars or marriages or dj parties, you couldn’t be more wrong. They have actually penetrated into our lives much more than they were expected to do even by their makers. The actual scale of the huge popularity of these item numbers dawned onto me today with a not so good incident. This was however perfect material for my new post in my blog which really got me writing. A really sweet girl (and now a good friend) happened to introduce herself to me as: Hi, my name is Sheela. I actually giggled on the poor girl’s face right after hearing her say that (and trust me I couldn’t control myself). The short giggle was followed by a very embarrassing situation in which I was left wondering and gazing towards the sky which by the way was very cloudy today, I really hope it rains, Oh I digressed away from the topic (I do that a lot so please bear with me), so coming back I was left wondering as to how affected my instincts were by the hot and sizzling Katrina’s dance number. Fortunately for me, the girl had faced such a similar situation before and actually let of it with a good laugh.
She followed this with the explanation that ever since this song has hit the market and her name became really famous, this has become a common joke amongst her friends. She told me of incidents in which her friends used to introduce her as: Hey, meet my friend who’s name is sheela and she is not so jawaan or similar jokes. The discussion soon shifted to how the stars affect our life, I mean they just need to include a name in an item no. or in a funny situation and before you know it that name becomes a national joke. Now, the girl explained that if this had been restricted to just her friends she wouldn’t have minded it so much, but she had to face an embarrassing situation every time she introduces herself to a new person. What has begun as a non-serious discussion soon turned into a hot debate over the effect of the films on today’s youth and society. The fashion world had always been miffed up by bolllywood and new fashion trends started off with the actor’s style of dressing etc. However, since when the films entered our private domains and started influencing the way we were addressed or looked or talked to by our peers, elders is puzzling. I think of it simply using up myself as an example, whenever I hear a Munni or a Sheela, the first thought that crosses my mind is their Badnaami and Jawaani.

The more I wonder as to how and when this change in my thought process occurred the more intriguing it gets. There is no changing it as the thought process gets eventually developed and us listening to these songs and grooving on them n no of times really affects that for good. So how do the poor Munni’s and Sheela’s deal with this problem, I guess they would have to just learn to live with it for a few months until some other name picks up and there name loses fame, the latest name that I hear is out is Shalu, with a really hot Mallika Sherawat, dancing and making it famous for its thumkas. Good luck to all the Shalu’s out there.

I hope none of the Sheela’s, Munni’s and Shalu’s read my post……..

Nakul Arora


2 thoughts on “Life post Munni ki badnaami and Sheela ki Jawaani

  1. Beautifully crafted, Nakul! btw, I couldn’t help giggling as i read the blog…. u got a writer somewhere in u… keep poting! Good luck!

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