First Community Visit @ Institute

The first ever community visit taught me a lot, it made me realise the actual impact I was having on d lyf of those kids. It made me feel the gravity of the actual movement and the fact that I have actually done something over the past 4 weeks. However, on the alignment with the movement front it completely shattered. I felt like shit sitting in front of the parents who had such high expectations from me, and what I had done for the past 4 weeks was to use these kids up for my training. I hadnt even come close to giving them even 60% of my efforts and they in return had even then showered me up with so much love and care. I was obviously taking away much more from them then what I gave them. I really learned a lot about the students though, their routine, their likes etc…..about the future I would say that this experience was really a very heavy one, I would really think a lot more about all the aspects of the reactions my actions can bring before taking them. How could i just focus on my growth as a teacher, i knew right from the start that this wasn’t right as we were yet too immature to be set out to teach kids but then couldnt really find any other way out, kept focussing on the big picture of the movement but as they say ur guilt catches up with u eventually.

That said also, I would really use this a lot in my 2 years to form a really close bond with family and children. The kids connect with you so genuinely, you have to be so sure of your dedication level towards them or you might end up falling down badly in your own eyes. I hope I can deliver up to the high levels expected of me. Only time will tell… 🙂


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