Me- my thinking and my life

Hello all,

This is my first post at wordpress. I would be writing about a 22 year old average person from a middle class family who has a really really bad habit of dreaming big, really really big. His problem doesn’t stop here, this guy actually wants to fulfill each and every dream of his. Now dreaming and following your heart is one thing that isn’t really respected and looked forward by the Indian society,the people here just expect you to be a part of the rat race, and mind it if you have the courage to break free from the race, they would try with all their power to push you back into it. However, this just another average guy is one with a real strong determination and the willpower to stand up for what he feels is right. He believes in following his heart and instincts no matter what. This guy also has a uncanny felling about himself, a strange sense of optimism towards the world and those around him, high amount of confidence in himself and his abilities, a strangely high amount of trust in his close group of friends. He believes in being honest and straight-forward even in today’s diabolical world.Genuinity is one thing he can smell out from a person and really respects any person who is such. He also holds great respect for Intelligence and feels that any person who knows the power of his brain and is using that power should be respected. He believes in taking a stand on issues that he feels are not right.

Until a few months back, he used to just think about the issues and never really took action, however that has all changed now because he is not a thinker anymore. The issues that he wants to address and work towards are eradicating educational inequality, development of the rural economy independent of the urban economy, upliftment of people by giving them the power to themselves create business rather than just creation of jobs, child labor and woman empowerment esp in UP. He also believes that he has been blessed with an ideal life with loving, hardworking parents, a safe financial backing, a sharp mind and a respected degree, thus he wants to utilize his life for making this country a much better place to live in and for ensuring that all sections of society have equal opportunities. He doesn’t believe that he is doing a favor to some one or is doing this to improve people life, nobody ever asks anybody to do that for them and people are happy in their own life’s. He is doing that just because he himself doesn’t want to live in the poor state that the world is in today, with all the hypocrisy, diplomacy, falseness all around us.

He doesn’t agree with the way this county is been run and his blood boils when he sees politicians taking undue advantage of their holy posts and using it for their benefit. He wants to enter the hallowed portals of the Parliament to change the system for better from within. He believes that someday he would actually change the face of politics and would show the world the true potential of his awesome country. He is a true die-hard patriotic to the core and dreams of someday going to the jail for his motherland. He also regrets the fact that he wasn’t born 70 years earlier as he would have loved to fight for his country freedom besides great leaders. He is deeply inspired by Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Prof Mohd. Yunus, Arvind Kejriwal and Anshu Gupta. He doesn’t believe in luck/kismat and feels that a person writes his/her own destiny. He believes that God is present everywhere and if a person really wants to find him they should start their search from within themselves. He doesn’t believe in the notion of religions, castes, or anything that segregates the society on basis of something that is not in a person’s hand. He believes in strong self-introspection and continuous improvement of himself. He is very open towards criticisms and respects the fact that everyone is entitled to have their own views and opinions in life. He  believes in the policy of Live and let live.

Lastly he lives his life around a single thought: “Be the change you want to see in this world”

That simple average person is me,

Nakul Arora


One thought on “Me- my thinking and my life

  1. Very well expressed Nakul. I believe you sure will one day see the change you will work for. Best of luck.

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