Managing your thoughts : 2nd day of Solitude

Note: I am reproducing this article from my diary that i had taken with me on my trip up to the hills where i stayed all by myself for 5 days having no contact with the outside world. This article was written on my 2nd day there.

My 2nd day was pretty good, though there were parts in which I wanted to head back or basically as i understand it now while writing about it: that’s the part within you that protests whenever there is any change, either internal or external. That’s a part you gotta beat for otherwise it just ends up making you rigid. I have always been a flexible person(Except for some cases where i was very rigid) mostly because of a particular habit i have of always striving towards experimenting with new things, to gain new experiences or to just see and feel new things.

I got to see many sides of myself today, some of which make me so proud of being me and the others shame me no end. Guess, i will have to learn to be at peace with all of them and slowly, slowly try to decrease the influence of the ones i dislike. They would be present there always as an inherent part of my personality, i just hope to ensure that their impact gets reduced and they don’t impede my work or bother my thoughts.

I realized that at times, i think way to excessively. In-fact, it is this excessive thought that impedes me from action. I also learnt that whenever, in my life, i have been able to focus my thoughts and used them to propel my actions, I have gone a pretty good distance. Thus, i need to ensure that i streamline my thoughts in a much better way, or simply to say, as of now i have a lot of thoughts together in my mind and they have cluttered it badly. Due to their being so disarray, they are ending up impeding me from working rather than propelling me forward and this is what i guess has been causing the frustration all along, because when your thoughts race ahead of your actions and your actions just can’t keep up, you are bound to get badly frustrated with yourself.  Thus, i figured out that i needed to unclutter my mind a bit, streamline my thoughts and set them up in my mind according to the priority of the tasks in my life. Thus, basically as the need for action in the present is much greater than anything else and this has to come on the very top. I have to work on this in the next 3 days.

Basically it all became very clear and simple now: I just needed to ensure that all the random thoughts(there are so many of them) that come to my mind are stored in their respective places according to their respective priorities. Also,i need to ensure that i am able to translate more of them into action, so that the frustration pile up doesn’t happen. Infact, action should supersede thoughts, It should never be for a person that Thinking is the opposite of Doing. Infact, thinking should be the cradle of action, its fuel, its inspiration. The ideas of anything big are first born in a person’s mind(thoughts) and then he translates them into action. The ideal ratio should be atleast 70% action – 30% Thought or maybe even slightly more in favor of action. Its good to dream but as a very famous saying goes: No dream is useful unless you decide to do something about it and pursue it with all that you have got.

Please post your views on this also, i would be glad to know of any aspect that i may have missed or ignored.



3 thoughts on “Managing your thoughts : 2nd day of Solitude

  1. nakul what you thought on that particular day can’t be your thought /fully on some other day.thoughts are just like wind which changes the climate of a particular place and without thinking about its impact ,it moves further to bring change at some other place, so what our thoughts do to over mind and so over body reacts.

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