Arrest of Baba Ramdev: Murder of a democracy

Many of you may not agree with his saffron clothes but you also cannot deny the fact that he is not using religion/hindutva as a tool in his satyagrah.
Many of you may have doubts about his integrity but you cannot deny that he is any day more honest and less corrupt than most of our ministers today.
Many of you wouldn’t be his supporters but then you wouldn’t even support the barbaric action taken by the government.
Many of you may not agree with all his demands and find some of them foolish but you cannot deny that few demands are totally on target and need to be brought to government’s notice.
Many of you may have doubt on the true intentions of his movement itself but how many of you can gather the support of millions that Baba is receiving and also how many of you actually have the courage to speak up for what we believe in. For all those sitting and homes and doubting the movement, I would request you to come up with something that you consider to be a better solution. How else do we get the government to bring back the black money stashed away safely in the havens of swiss banks. How else do we get our honorable ministers to agree to investigate into what could possibly be their own crimes.
You may not find Baba genuine but honestly ask yourselves, don’t u agree with his demands of getting the kala dhan back, don’t you agree with his demand of making that a national treasure. If you do, then the time has come when we all start expressing what we believe in and also taking a stand for what we think is right.
Baba Ramdev’s satyagraha was a true show of his strength and showed his popularity amongst the masses. He is shaping up to be a leader of the masses, something which the congress doesn’t seem to have these days. The absence of a true strong leader in the likes of congress and other major parties has worked well in Baba’s favour and he is clearly emerging as one. The massive support for his movement by the public also shows the desire in the common man for change. The common man today is sick of the dirty politics that congress is playing and also sick of the fact that there is no viable option other than congress available. BJP is functioning as a sick party which seems to be lacking any agenda of its own. Also, the inner party politics is so much present in BJP that it can not really focus on outer politics. The regional parties are way too busy with their own petty issues of caste etc and its only foolish to expect them to rise above those issues and discuss issues of national importance.
At such a critical time, Baba’s movement was a respite for the common man who finally had some way of showing his resentment towards the regime and who had been sick of being sidelined and misused by the very government it had brought to power. This is precisely what the government and mainly congress was afraid of and the fear could be seen in the steps undertaken to hold talks with Baba. Sending 4 top cabinet ministers to the airport to receive a person who is not even a dignitory clearly showed the party’s nervousness.
However the step of first showing that they are complying with Baba’s demand,even agreeing to some of them in a press conference and then turning around & sending police force to break the satyagrah at 1 in the night clearly shows us the lowly level of politics prevalent in our nation today. India is a proud democracy and the best part is that people are allowed to raise their concerns through peaceful protest and for all those who were ramlila maidan yesterday or were watching the movement on news channels, you would have heard Baba Ramdev emphasising again and again that no supporter of his would support or resort to violence. The police lathicharged the innocent people, tore clothes, mishandled women and old people, all under the pretense that baba was trying to spoil the law and order situation in the capital. I doubt if the police’s action wouldn’t actually spoil it further. Were a group of people who were sitting peacefully on a fast just because they wanted a better, corruption free nation beaten up to preserve law and order. Doesn’t this remind any of you of Jalianwalla Bagh, has nothing changed in the last 60 years of democracy, is this what our leaders had in mind when they formed one of the best constitutions in the world.
Also, shouldn’t the police be first arresting Digvijay Singh who’s statement are far more violent and vicious in nature. What happened yesterday was a replay of the scene of Rang de basanti movie in reality. Shouldn’t we rise in protest now, should we just let our blood boil as always, it could have very easily been me and you being mishandled yesterday. The government’s action show its fear and also its over confidence in thinking it can get away with acting tyrannical.
What forced the government to act in such a drastic manner, what has prevented them from passing laws on some demands of Baba, which are issues of national importance. If the government would have been functioning responsibly then why would the common man leave its work and sit in protest.
The government will have to answer this time for its totally uncalled for unruly action and this movement now may actually gain real momentum. The youth today has to prepare himself well so that they in the future can shoulder the responsibility of a rapidly growing nation. India today needs its leaders who are as aspiring as its middle class, as creative as its entrepreneurs and as hard working as its farmers. In the coming times, I can foresee new leaders being born who will rise to the expectations of this great nation.

Nakul Arora

5 thoughts on “Arrest of Baba Ramdev: Murder of a democracy

  1. “Many of you may have doubts about his integrity but you cannot deny that he is any day more honest and less corrupt than most of our ministers today.”

    This is the precise point!
    Why all these satyagrahas or blackmail, whatever you may call it, are happening is because public do not trust government!
    What government needs is not to use force to succumb such movements, but to create an environment of trust where there is no need for such movements, where public don’t need to tell them what they should do- government should act themselves in favor of public! And this is when these satyagrahas or blackmail, whatever you call them, will eventually stop!
    (The Great Indian Tamashaa: Ramdev vs Government)

    • Sarthak, I have mentioned that point later on in my post that the reason that the public is supporting these movements is bcoz the government is not doing its job well. Shouldn’t the government itself have made a law to get back the black money.

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