The Final Push: Closing onto my purpose

The mind is filled up with chaos yet the heart is extremely silent. Its sitting still and smiling for its knows its almost there, It knows it has earned it and there is nothing that can stop it from attaining it now. It knows that the the final fight has begun, the last struggle where the mind will try with all its might. The mind shall come up with all forms of attacks. It will bring on the fear of failure, the fear of society, the fear of death, the fear of dwelling in the insecure, raw, adventurous existence of the moment. It shall bring out the doubts of success, the question’s of what-if’s, the thoughts of living a life of ease, of comfort, of illusions of being in control, of being safe. Oh! the mind will give it its all and why not for it has to save its about to lose its existence as the master.

The heart is smiling on, though. It just isn’t afraid of the fight being put on. The heart is sure of victory, there is no turning around for it now, it hasn’t come this far to renegade, it hasn’t earned this level of purity to simply throw away. It knows it will win for its in no mood of yielding, for it knows nothing can hold its stead when confronted with an indomitable will, for it knows it has already won, it know that its only a matter of time before the final piece that completes the puzzle is revealed, it knows that what has to happen will happen and none can stop it. The heart knows the destination is within reach and it will be there any moment and what joy, what bliss shall erupt the moment it arrives.

The actual struggle would then in reality, begin but would it be a struggle at all, for each moment would be spent being His instrument, doing what my essence demands of me, dancing my dance, singing my song.. Oh! what beauty would be carried then in each moment of struggle.

The heart knows its craving is about to be fulfilled, it can smell it, it can feel it, its almost there. 🙂

Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible.

~ Rumi

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