I Am

In the wind blowing by, rustling up the leaves, blowing up the hair, brushing off the face; I AM;

In each droplet of rain, be it the first or the last, falling angrily with thunder or calmly with a breeze; I AM;

In each emotion being expressed fully or not; I AM;

In the first cry of the baby, as an expression of its arrival into this eternal randomness of life or of sadness on being trapped yet again; I AM;

In each of the million droplets comprising the ocean, whole yet distinct; I AM;

In the depth of the eyes of a couple freshly in love, in the first kiss of a lover, in the first tear of a heartbreak; I AM;

In each breath in or out, each particle passing through each node of my or your lung; I AM;

In each particle stacked together under pressure as a solid or one’s flexible moving as liquid or floating as air; I AM;

In the Compassion of Jesus, Integrity of Rama, Wisdom of Buddha, Playfullness of Krishna, Vairagya of Shiva, Devotion of Kabir; I AM;

In the chlorophyll within the leaf creating food or the sunlight or the water or the carbon dioxide aiding it in the process; I AM;

In the big ball of Helium and Hydrogen, spreading light by burning eternally; I AM;

In the small, flicker of light being spread by a small wick of a wax candle, destined to individually fight and overcome all that is dark; I AM;

In the myriad colors of existence, be it the black, the white the grey or a combination of the same; I AM;

In the up and down, the happiness and sadness, the surprise and the shock, the finding and the losing, the meeting and the leaving; I AM;

In each ebb and flow, solitude and companionship; I AM;

In all that’s dead and In each breath of life anywhere; I AM;

In the rhythm of music being played within or without; I AM;

In the extremities of deafening silences; I AM;

In each movement, gross or sublime; I AM;

In all that’s still; I AM;

In Life, I AM;

In Death; I AM;


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