Who am I but You

Who am I but you

O Ye Divine

The energy permeating through everything

Through each ray of sunshine, through each atom of darkness

Through each droplet of rain sent to clean everything up

Or in the thick mist which surrounds us within or without

Who am I but You

Some call thee as Shiva

Some refer to you as their compassionate Jesus

Some call you Allah, the final word

Some lovingly treat you as a child Krishna

Some see you as a friend, some as family

some as a foe, some as a lover

I see you everywhere

In things animate or inanimate

Within myself or outside

In the depths of my heart or in the dark, black, seemingly endless sky

Who am I but You

I see you in my words

In each thought, in each action, good or evil

You are in the first kiss of a lover or the first touch of hands that sends waves of passion running down throughout one’s body

You are at the center of the core of my fears and also, in the nadir of my confident upswings

You are in each of my dance step, both the ones which are beautifully executed or ones that remain within, prevented by the layers of mind telling itself that its not good enough

You are in each droplet of water that quenches thirst regardless of the color of one’s skin or the caste or any of the identities one takes on as one grows up.

Who am I but you

All my sorrows are yours

All my success, my failures are yours

In each heartbeat I find you

Each time I have been blessed by the golden touch of love or experienced the pain of heart-break, I find you

You are in it all yet nowhere

Who am I but You

O Father Divine

Give me a glimpse of your supreme self

Let me drink a tiny bit from the universal flow of life

Help remove all obstructions I have put up myself towards finding thee in me

Who am I but You

Help me find the divine within

To dance without awareness of where the self ends and the universe begins

Help me operate in the materialistic world while staying aloof

Help me be detached amidst all my attachments

Help me discover the truth within

Who am I but You

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