This too shall pass

This too shall pass

From the moments of pure, unadulterated joy

where life seems to be a joyride

To the deep sorrows

which seemed unbearable and insurmountable

Everything passes

From the first kiss of a newly discovered love

To the last awkward meeting of lovers who were inseparable

Everything passes

From the first time a mother glances at their newborn child

To the time when you set fire or bury the body of your loved one

Everything passes

The childhood passes, So does adolescence

Youth with all its energy and vigor passes,

So does middle ages with its fake stability and fear of receding hairlines

The old age passes too

The mornings pass, so do the evenings

The winters passes, so does spring

Everything passes

No matter how much we try to hold on

everything we love or detest shall pass

From the ashes we all rose

To ashes we shall return

And like the ephemeral wind, arising from nowhere and returning back into nothingness

We shall fade into oblivion too

For like it all

We too shall pass

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