Isn’t Life like a playlist

Isn’t Life like a playlist

Of random songs on a loop eternal;
Some we get to add but most randomly pop up;
Some songs are sad, some romantic, some happy;
Some make us dance, move our body, get our foots grooving;
Some cringe our soul and make us look deep within;
Some speak to the pain within, allowing it to flow;
Some help us see how little yet beautiful this all means;

Isn’t Life like a playlist; 

Of  random songs on a loop eternal;
Seldom do we worry about the artist or genre or origin;
All that matters is the connection or not;
All that matters is the place they carry us and how far we allow them to;
Sometimes we flow, mostly we don’t;
The only constant is that they all end;
They start on their own, play themselves fully out and end;
And once they are gone, their essence remains;
It lingers on, leaving us desiring for more at times;
Or at times, simply rejoicing in the ending; Evoking feelings we abhor or have long hidden;

It ends regardless of what we desire or abhor;
Leaving behind the illusory choice of either picking ourselves up and moving on to the next random one lined up;
Or allowing our controlling self to take over and playing it once more;
How many times can the same loop be played;
How much life are we willing to stick around lingering on the same tune;
Dancing to the same tune;
Feeling the same emotion;
Pretending to go around being in control while inwards scared of letting go;
Being award of the ephemeral existence yet looking the other way;
Knowing nothing is in control yet feeling all powerful;

Isn’t Life like a playlist;  Of random songs on a loop eternal;

2 thoughts on “Isn’t Life like a playlist

    • Haven’t we all being guilty of that at some point of life. 🙂 I don’t think you should stop playing till you are fully ready for the same. However, letting go is inevitable, no matter how much the illusion of control. 🙂

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