I am a mere instrument, the music is his

Dancing within and without; there are times, when I do mistake the dance to be mine

With inflated ego, I go round and round; being it all. both the dancer and the dance;

In those moments of seeking and enjoying fame, little do I remember the privilege that comes attached to the “I”;

The privilege of being born with both legs, the privilege of being in a household with enough to eat;

The privilege of having water coming out of the taps when need be; The privileged access to hear quality music;

The privilege of having a choice; the privilege of being able to make one;

Little do I remember; all that went into the making;

The background work that was put in by the invisible side-casts;

The roles that my grand-mother played by sacrificing her choice to put my father’s education first;

The role played by my dad’s sacrificing his choice to put his family first; Ensuring enough money for each one of us;

But here I stand before thee, O’ World; proudly proclaiming all of it to be mine;

Lecturing all else on freedom; On the importance of being able to make one’s choice, of following one’s path;

Away from the hypocrisy, I awaken; Or so I tell myself;

I am neither the dancer nor the dance;

I am neither the movement of body nor the melody of music;

I am but a product of the million identities, a million circumstances;

I am but trapped in my own desires; Fooling myself, claiming to be winning the rigged game of Life;

Who am I but a mere shadow, a mere vehicle, another one of the billion ephemeral faces;

Meant to born and die with no end; Desperately chasing goals;

Aiming to attach a meaning, any at all, to this madness that engulfs me;

Who am I but a unique unknown, an uncertain constant, a fake reality, the infinite finite;

I am a mere instrument, the music is his;

12 thoughts on “I am a mere instrument, the music is his

  1. This is wonderful piece; it puts us all all in our place, in a lilting yet lyric piece that will live in my imagination for years to come, reminding me just who I am. I think I will re-blog this so that others who do not know you can discover this piece and this blog. Thanks, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Charles. I am so glad you could connect. This piece surely did put me in my place as it forced me to come face to face with the privilege I have been born with and which I take for granted so easily day in and out. For me, it was also, about questioning how much of it is really in my control, where does my individual will stop and the divine will begin? 🙂

      • A pleasure, and sorry I have taken so long to reply, but my mind is a bit else where as my wonderful wife Genevieve has just been admitted into hospital, ending a bad two weeks, with me taking her to Doctors each day, and getting her medicine from the chemist, cleaning, shopping cooking and working, so am rather worn out, not much sleep for either of us either. 🙂 Charles.

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