The story of our Life

The story of our Life

Can anyone ever reveal where life would lead us

Who the main characters are going to be

Or who would turn up or leave at which point

Would we rise through the ranks to gain fame

With our name being recognized far and wide

Or fall into oblivion

Having lived a life unknown

The story of our life

Would anyone be able to tell us where we would be in 10 years

Or even if we would be alive then

Who decides where we are born

Or the point at which we sign off

Is it written by a unknown person sitting among the clouds that some of us lovingly call God

Or are we the master of our own destiny as the atheists claim

The story of our life

Can it be revealed by anyone else

Or do we have to discover it as we go along

Why can’t we know it all

Make beautiful plans for the future and fulfill them all

Why must we go through such randomness

All the chaos internal and external

The story of our life

Broken yet beautiful

Human yet divine

Simple in its inherent complexity

Imperfect yet so perfect

Chaotic yet so serene

Silent within all the movement

Certain in its uncertainty

Successful within its failures

The story of our life

Discovered only through living it all

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