The Asymmetrical Symmetry

Have you ever looked deep into a fire

How beautifully the flames seemingly dance left, right and center

There is no sense to their dance

No symmetry to their asymmetry

Yet somehow there is such beauty in this madness

Its as if a bunch of totally random things come together to create a beautiful whole;

Have you ever looked at a tree late in the evening;

Against the breath-taking backdrop of the orangish-blue sky;

The leaves, the branches, the stem are protruding in every possible direction;

They are as asymmetrical as things could be;

Yet it looks insanely beautiful

This asymmetry is so unlike the shapes we adorn our houses with, the perfect corners we cut;

Somehow our perfectly symmetrical designs aren’t as appealing to the eye;

Doesn’t it make you wonder then?

If the real beauty is to be found in chaos

If the only symmetry to be found is in asymmetry

If the only thing certain about life is uncertainty

If all things right only seem to make sense when looked at from the perspective of wrong;

If love is understood only as a contrast to hatred;

Then why do we spend our lives chasing control,

Trying to define everything, finding meaning, adding structure to every possible detail;

We keep chasing “ever-changing” desires, persistently running from one fictional level to another;

Building beautiful stories to satisfy and enhance our ego;

While letting go is all that’s really needed;

All of this seems so funny, ain’t it;

Do we really have a choice?

Other than accepting the inherent uncertainty of things

The ephemeral nature of our existence

The meaninglessness of it all;

The symmetrical beauty behind all this asymmetry;

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