The Vicissitudes of Life

The vicissitudes of life

Continuing unabated seldom stopping

Seemingly never-ending

Catching us unaware with the unpredictable, sudden shifts;

The vicissitudes of life

Flinging us around from a low to a high and back again

Under the illusory belief of being in control, sometimes we fight back

Unable to hold our own against its continuous push, sometimes we give in

Tired and distraught we are forced to wonder

Is this then what’s meant moving with the flow, dancing to the tune eternal

Or is it simply crafting of a new narrative, another beautiful cover up of our failures

The vicissitudes of life

Weak and exposed we stand

Humbled and shown our place by Time, the strictest teacher of them all

Are we really this weak, this helpless

Prone to accepting defeat and covering it up with lofty stories

Or is this life, in its raw naked form

The vicissitudes of life

Brutally honest

Holding the mirror of our own imperfections

Making us bend to life’s unyielding will

Destroying our ego

Slaving us with our own minds, our own desires and wants

Yet fight we must, even if only to fall back again

We must rise, live, be alive

Be it for barely a moment in this never-ending yet ephemeral eternity

For what is life but a beautiful dark never-ending series of vicissitudes;

The vicissitudes of life; 

2 thoughts on “The Vicissitudes of Life

    • Hi Rupali, yes there is always both positive and negative in each moment. I believe in being aware of both and overtime, train my mind to maintain equanimity towards both. They are both ephemeral after all. 🙂

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