Sometimes its ok to sit back

Doing nothing simply staring into nothingness;


Sometimes its ok to love and not be loved

To give and not receive;

 To be the bigger person;

To be the naive one

To love with child-like innocence


Sometimes its ok to watch something fail miserably despite giving it your all

To be rejected out-rightly

To be shown the door from ones dream project;


Sometimes its ok to wake up as a new person

With evolved value systems, new dreams

Having diametrically opposite perspectives;


Sometimes its ok to let go of once deeply cherished relationships;

To walk away despite the quandary of emotions;

To lie in bed all day wondering what changed and how;

To be puzzled with the fickle side of seemingly perfect relationships

To face the sad reality of ever changing people’s priorities


Sometimes its ok to fail consistently

To not taste success despite ones best efforts

To be bewildered yet admire the beauty with which things fall apart;


Sometimes its ok to feel pain and cry one’s heart out

To find oneself helpless with constantly changing realities

To make peace with evolved understandings;


Sometimes its ok to hate the once beloved parts of yourself

To feel jealousy instead of empathy

To hide our insecurities, our flaws

To suppress our desires;


Sometimes its ok to not know it all

To fear the uncertainty and choose not to face it

To feel lonely amidst a large crowd

To be utterly confused

To not know the way forward or backward

To question one’s choices, one’s path;


Sometimes its Ok to be lost

To question the why behind it all

To be baffled by the meaningless nature of our ephemeral existence

To see the irony behind uncertainty being the only thing certain

To laugh at the extent of our delusions

To refuse to accept our utter insignificance in the larger scheme of things;


For what is life

If not a series of random choices

an infinite number of random permutations and combinations

an inescapable complex woven net of seemingly simplistic reality


For what are we

If not imperfect individuals trying to get it right

Making a mix of right and wrong choices

Being selfish and selfless in differing instances

Fighting our demons or creating more;


Sometimes its ok for us to accept our imperfections

To love ourselves madly despite it all;

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