Oneness: You Beauty

I am the person standing at the edge of the mountain. I am the railing holding back. I am the deep abyss. I am the air present all around; below in the abyss or above towards the beautiful, blue sky.

I am the desire to fly/jump. I am the Belief, the craziness, the thought behind it all, the visualization, the picture, the in , the out, the up, the down, the here, the beyond.

I am the sky looking below as a mere observer to anything & everything. I am the mountain bearing witness to the event. I am the fall/flight. I am the bottom i will hit. I am the collision. I am the grass growing at the spot of impact.  I am the tree which might break the fall or not. I am the force pulling down. I am the force against.

I am the blood which gushes out. I am the bones which will crack or not. I am the minuscule soul which shall go on & on. I am the infinite soul which is connected yet not. I am the medium, I am the location, the moment, the day, the time, the year.

I am the attempt to understand. I am the understanding.

I am the body doing it all, the mind & intellect playing it all, the soul observing it all.

I am it all Yet I am not.

O’ Oneness, thy beauty, you drive me crazy.

12 thoughts on “Oneness: You Beauty

  1. Reblogged this on Safar and commented:
    This blog is written by Nakul Arora, a dreamer, a rebel, a patriot, a person who inspires me everyday. Its one of the most beautiful and pure thing I have read in a lot of time. 🙂

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