The heart that simply wants to Fly

ऐ दुनिया वालो 

खेल ये तुम्हारे निराले
हमरी समझ से परे है प्यारे
एक नन्हा सा नथकत दिल है हमरा 

चाहता सिर्फ वो उड़ना
रोके न तुम्हारे न हमारे अब रुकेगा वो
वो तो उड़ेगा
उड़ेगा उड़ेगा उड़ेगा 

The poem though, short is still extremely special as it captures a long present yearning of my being. Call me crazy but i want to fly. I yearn for experiencing the stage wherein my belief in self and the oneness of it all is true enough for me to simply be able to walk/run/jump off a cliff and FLY. That will be one beautiful test indeed. The games referred to in the poem are ones which society keeps forcing down my being, mostly under the guise of Being practical or the usual this is how it has always worked. Nonetheless, I am well aware that i am the only one holding myself back so no complains from anyone whatsoever. I am still a long long way off but there is no hurry within, i know i shall reach when the right time comes. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The heart that simply wants to Fly

  1. प्रिय नकुल , बहुत समय के बाद कुछ फिर से पड़ने को मिला … शुभकामनाये


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