India’s first internet de-addiction centre: All you need to know about it!

A brilliant effort to connect psychology with the society. Do have a look at the articles,they add a very interesting perspective to normal things. 🙂


 -Kanak Kataria


To state that we live in a technologically developing world (blah blah) where resources are available to people of all ages (blah blah) and this is leading to degradation of our lifestyles (blah blah) would be extremely clichéd and unsurprising, so allow me to instead, divert your attention to the fact that I shall be using the internet to tell you that a lot of people our age are addicted to the internet, and you may be one such person, who is using the internet right now, and might be realizing that you are addicted to the internet courtesy an article I put up on the internet.

While that might seem highly amusing and borderline funny (if your sense of humour is as damaged as mine), the truth is that cyber addiction has indeed turned into an increasingly alarming phenomenon, especially among the youth. Research conducted by…

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3 thoughts on “India’s first internet de-addiction centre: All you need to know about it!

  1. Thank you for liking “Autumn Splendor” and for reblogging this interesting post. I agree that it is easy to become addicted to the Internet. So many activities such as applying for jobs and filling out college applications are done online these days. In addition, some people become to addicted their cell phones and smart phones as well.

    • Yes so true. With the amount of information that is out there on the internet, its becoming increasingly difficult to filter what’s important and what’s not.. Its so tough to log off from this need to know it all, now that so much is so easily available, right?

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