Readings from the Gita: Day 2 Chapter 7

The fully-blossomed Bhakta(devotee/believer) is a man of wisdom. Whatever he sees are nothing but different forms of the Lord. In the handsome and the ugly, in the prince and the pauper, in men and women, in birds and beasts – everywhere he has the sacred vision of God. In Hinduism, there is worship of serpents, worship of an elephant-headed God(Ganesha), worship of even the trees. All this may appear silly. But we find the height of such ‘madness’ in the perfect Bhakta. He sees God in everything, right from an insect or an ant to the sun and the moon, and his heart overflows with joy. You may say, if you like, that this magnificent divine is an illusion, but such an illusion is the height of bliss and happiness; It is the treasure of joy. In the serenity and majesty of an ocean, the man of wisdom sees the glory of the Lord. In a cow, he sees his tenderness. In the earth, he sees his forgiveness and the capacity to bear. He finds his purity in the clear sky, his grandeur and splendor in the sun and the moon and the stars, His delicateness in the flowers. Even in an evil man, he sees the Lord testing and trying him. Thus, he is constantly seeing Him everywhere. Doing so,one day, he ultimately merges into the Lord.

– Excerpts from Chapter 7 of Vinobha’s Talks on the Gita

The concept of oneness is one that i have been blessed enough to experience, though only for a few moments, but they have fully changed my life. I believe that the energy, in whatever form/name you may know/refer it by, is present everywhere. I find it ironic when people who believe in the all-pervading divine start limiting him to a particular name/form. Please note, that i am not against giving the energy a name/form, i am against limiting it to that one form/name only. A person who truly believes that the energy is all pervading would see/feel it everywhere, in everything; He would see/feel it equally in the good and the bad, in the saint and the devil, in the idealist philanthropist and the crony capitalist. How can it be that we look for him only in the beautiful meadows while hurrying past the ugly,dark dungeons. The true bhakta would find his Lord even in the worst of men/places/situations. This concept has also taught me the importance of maintaining  equanimity, i.e, behavior being according to my own inner self regardless of the situation;  For one who sees the energy in it all, will treat it all(including oneself) with the same reverence. His behavior would be driven by what he is from within rather than the external situation. Wouldn’t reaching such a state be beautiful, i am on my journey towards it. Do share with me your journeys and views on the same. 🙂

P.S: I have been reading the Geeta on a daily basis for quite some time now. It has helped me a lot and thus, i felt i should share my learning’s with you too, hoping that it might be of aide to you too. Do let me know what i more i can add to make these readings of more use for you, the reader. Thank you

4 thoughts on “Readings from the Gita: Day 2 Chapter 7

  1. Thank you for sharing what you are learning. I share your sentiments, and I agree that it feels great to be one with all, but it also takes a long time to learn how to do that. It is indeed life changing.

    • Thank you… Yes, it really takes a lot of effort coupled with purity, patience and perseverance to get there… Thank you for taking out time to read and comment.. 🙂

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