Start expressing: Write,Paint, Compose or Dance

Giving expression(articulating) to one’s feeling really helps one in coming to peace with oneself (It worked magic for me). The form of expression may be anything, some may write poetry, some prose, some may compose music/songs, some may paint and some may simply dance. The form matters not as long as we are creating a medium for what’s bottled inside to come out.

When we keep emotions/feelings/thoughts bottled up within us for long, we start building walls around them leading us farther from our self. By expressing, if we let it all flow out it leads to beautiful peace within for slowly and steadily the walls breakdown. The important thing is to let it all(the chaos within) flow out as it is, which is where the medium of expression has an important role to play. Each one of us has a form we are passionate about and that’s precisely the one which should be adopted.Β I bring it all out through writing mostly in my diary and frequently on the blog too. I started writing in my final semester in college and it helped me not only get through one of the darkest phases of my life but also, take a life changing decision. At that point, i had no close friend i could turn to be a listener and my diary played out that role for me.

Also, as none other than myself was reading it, i could simply be myself while writing in it. Slowly and steadily, all the chaos within came out on its pages and post writing, i found i could now objectively look at it as an observer without all the hub-a-hub of emotion/attachment coming in between. This helps in taking a rational well thought-out decision rather than a fully emotional one.

Another point which holds most people back from starting is: “I am not going to be good in it”. Trust me, it doesn’t matter, for nobody is good when it starts. You get better with time and in case, you are extremely conscious around this, you can start in your personal space/diary; Since there will be no one else reading it, the question of judgement doesn’t come; That’s precisely how I started for i was very shy of doing anything in the public domain.

Since, i have benefited, i have been pushing others to start with expressing themselves; Go out there, find what medium you enjoy the most, then pick up a pen or a paint-brush or an instrument and simply start. Let it all flow out for only once you are empty would newer things flow in and don’t forget to tell me how it goes.

Regards πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Start expressing: Write,Paint, Compose or Dance

  1. Great post and I agree with everything you said! There has to be an outlet, otherwise one starts to drown.

  2. So wonderfully true, in my own case I feel the most complete when I am telling or hearing/reading a story, connecting emotionally with characters with burdens heavier than my own to bear πŸ™‚ gives me courage

  3. Creativity is the spark of life within us all πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by my photo blog, I hope you’ll check out the other two.
    PS. I love the smiling children in your header photo!

    • Thank you… πŸ™‚ The smiling children are the ones I taught as part of NY teach for India fellowship.. A random question: what form of expression do you use to bring your creativity out..

      • Interesting question πŸ™‚ I write, both prose and poetry, and practice photography. Like all people, I think I am revealed by all segments of my creativity. I learn most by photography. I help others most (I think) by my writing. And my poetry expresses me, with no holds barred.

        Convoluted response, I know…lol!

  4. Mine is writing and dance ..any kind of dance! Maybe I am the most expressive when I am in silence,then I use my hugs and heart completely, where my words no longer get in the way! Ha!

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