Dance to thy tune: Find thy song

O’ Friend

Thou are the infinite, the whole, one with the creator and the creation;

What makes thee think there isn’t a purpose to thy existence,

O’ Friend, when even a machine carries no extra parts;

What makes thee think of thyself as an unneeded part in this universal machine;

Shed off the eons of ignorance;

Close thy eyes and with nothing but pure belief in thyself;

Dance, O’ friend; Dance to thy own tune;

Dance, O’ friend; Dance like you have never danced before;

Dance to the tune which defines thee; thy essence; thy existence;

Dance, O’ friend; Dance with the utter belief for what is life if not a celebration;

For what are each of one meant to do but be;

Dance O’ friend; Dance to thy own tune;

For what else would thee do;

For what shall happen if the clock stops ticking; the sun stops shining;

the trees stop producing; the flowers stop blooming;

Find thy song, O’ friend;

For only those who seek receive;

Go within or without, the path matters not;

Seek with utmost purity, patience and perseverance;

Seek O’ friend, seek thy song;

For the sooner thou discover it, the sooner the celestial dance of thy existence shall begin;

Ah! what pleasure there is in the dance, what contentment, what ecstasy;

Find thy song, O’ friend.

Dance, O’ friend; Dance to thy own tune;

8 thoughts on “Dance to thy tune: Find thy song

  1. I love the way you had written this poem, with modern touch. Me too, love writing short passages of poems in my Tumbler site. Nice and beautiful your write up in poem’s version, I like it.

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