What is the TRUTH: The Sight

I have often wondered what in reality is the TRUTH?

Is it what we see all around through the medium of our eyes? If so, then are all the things we haven’t seen mere illusions? Do we accept as truth what others would have or claim to have seen Or Do we only trust what we see for ourselves? Why is it that we trust only some things other people (might)have seen? We trust Antarctica to be there for people tell us so but if someone would say the same for dragons/aliens, would we accept?

Is then our version of truth a mere slave of our prejudiced mind? How do i know then if what others see are not creations of their mind? How do i know what i see for myself isn’t too a creation of my own mind? How do i know if its for real and not a mere projection of my perceptions, my prejudices onto the material plane?

Is it the things i see outside in the material realm? Is it in my hand, my face, my body?

Is it in the beautiful nature i see all around, in the majestic Himalayas, in the still trees, in the dancing leaves, in the singing birds, in the fluffy clouds, in the bright and blue sky, in the endlessly flowing rivers, in the serene or turbulent oceans? Is it in the colors splattered all over, in the white snow, in the red rose, in the green grass, in the wheatish, brownish or black humans, in the grey metals, in the golden gold, the silvery silver, the colorless water?

Is it in the sight of the blood soaked new born Or in the dead body on a burning pyre Or of a breastfeeding mother Or of a copulating couple Or of a karma(work) yogi immersed in work Or of a bhakti(devotion) yogi dancing in love Or of a jnana(knowledge) yogi standing aside, watching all of us dance to the tunes of Maya?

Or Is it in the things i see creating turmoil inside in the mental realm? Is it in the thoughts, in the dreams, in imagination, in desires, in emotions, in feelings?

Or Is it the things i experience within myself in the pure realm of the universal soul? Is it in the subtlest of all experiences, the indescribable, the indefinable, the infinite, the formless, the all pervading? Is it the difference i see all around with my naked eye Or Is it in the underlying unity visible in moments through the divine vision?

Is it everything or Is it nothing? 

Is all that i see then the Truth or Not?

Oh!! How do i know then what exactly is the TRUTH? 


This article is the 1st part of a 5 article series the author is writing trying to use each of the sensory forms to contemplate on the eternal question of What is the Truth? The author feels that its by questioning the very basic foundations of his being can he break free from the prejudices playing within his mind. 


4 thoughts on “What is the TRUTH: The Sight

  1. the truth doesn’t exist.. but you truth is a truth and as valuable as any truth. Unfortunately most conflict starts from the assumption there is ‘the’ truth and someone holds it over others.. namasté

  2. a good one… I appreciate the attempt to seek out to the “truth”.. most of us never do that in their whole lifetime and run behind illusions.. illusions of the society, illusions of the created atmosphere, illusions of the artificial beauty… forgetting the most natural beautiful earth we have, nature and life. .which is so real.

    good writing Nak.. keep writing. best of luck.. .:D

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