Taking the Plunge: The Call of the Himalayas

3 years back, fresh out of my college (IIT-BHU), i had left the conventional career path and opted for social work. Back then, I was answering the call of seeking answer to a question: “Why i wasn’t in the place of the child i saw stealing in the railway station & Why wasn’t he in mine?” While following my gut in joining Teach for India and Goonj later, i had still felt a need of basic safety which was fulfilled by having a fixed monthly salary. However, i understood that very soon i will have to overcome this for the purpose would only reveal itself if i truly believed in it.

This was quite a battle for me but am glad to have finally overcome it. I have taken the plunge, staked it all in response to the call of the Himalayas which was ringing loud and clear within me from quite some time.The step has come about at a fine time indeed. Spring is the time of creation & to be able to discover one’s next step in sync with the nature’s cycle is indeed beautiful.

I now have no regular job, no fixed monthly supply of money & no conventional notions of a career. However, There is so much peace within & the inner voice is extremely clear. I know i am about to discover the very essence for which i exist. The very thought of having finally earned it is filling me up with pure ecstasy, sheer joy. For the 1st time, there is no plan, no end, no definite goal; All there is is just pure belief in myself, in my gut, my inner voice; It has commanded me to jump and i have simply obeyed; The path has itself opened up a series of opportunities to help me stay afloat as it slowly reveals itself one step at a time, leading me to my destiny.

I realize i was the one stopping myself & am so happy to have overcome the layer of ego holding me back. I now tread forward free without any care for rigid societal definitions of career, growth, development, salary, safety, social welfare, nationalism, patriotism. There is nothing holding me down anymore, i can fly as i want, where i want, when i want & Ah!! the feeling that this freedom induces, the feeling of contentment, of not having anywhere to go or reach, of not having to do’s or don’ts, of Just Being.

I am a free being. The only chains that can hold me are the one’s i choose to design for myself. Dear Society, the time for me to fly is here and fly i shall; Away from all bonds;

The preparation is done, the journey has begun.

Have taken the jump, now its all up-to the universe,

To either make me fly

Or simply let me fall away and die.

Dear Universe, I Believe.

14 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge: The Call of the Himalayas

  1. i don’t know why, but somehow this decision of yours gives me immense pride. it reaffirms my belief in something i could not put in words, but have always felt inside. i know i may never be as strong as you, and i truly wish you the best in your life. and i hope with all sincerity that you find what you’re looking for, yourself.

  2. Gr8 Nakul…..congrats…..their are very less people in this world who are doing work as per their wish….mostly.. with the factor’s you have mentioned living in regualr way…hat’s off ….IN my batch met/senior/junior which i know some went for job some for mba some for ias including me but what u have did is make me not to only admire….created a respect for you in my hearts. Well i would like to know in detail your journey after college. Thank you….and go ahead…..

  3. Hi Nakul,
    Your blog is the first I have landed upon which I enjoy reading with a passion. So much love and support for everything you are doing. You are an inspiration and a wonderful human being.

    Much love from Canada,

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