Finding the Perfect GURU

Eureka, i seem to have found the missing piece and now that i think of it, i knew it all the way along, i was just not acknowledging it. So, since the past few months there had been this doubt in my mind about finding the perfect guru or simply put a person who would show you the way or making it even more simpler just believe in you and support you in a very subtle kind of way. Until now, i was udner the illusion that an external person would fill up that role. However, some recent events and my sitting alone with myself yesterday led to me a very simple but highly important thing:

Why do you need an external person to be that guru? ( I am not saying that the statements i am going to make further are the ultimate wisdom and my final views, while reading this article you have to understand and respect the fact that i am in transition and my views and understandings may change with time as i become more experienced. However, this is what i have figured out for now).  I mean why do you actually need an external support to get to where you want to. Why don’t we look for it within us. Come to think of it nothing outside can ever understand you fully or even come close to it, so expecting someone external to yourself to be that perfect support is like expecting this world to be perfect. Some people though do find that perfect support in god or the perfect perfect, which being an agnostic i can’t really resonate with. However, i can’t really ignore their judgements and this not making sense to me may be because of my lack of knowledge of maturity and maybe later my views would change yet again. However, as of now this simple statement by Swami Vivekananda is what i am holding onto:

” All power is within you. You can do anything and everything. Believe in that”

I have had a poster of this up in my room since around 3 months but only now have truly understood its implications for only you understand yourself the best and thus its very logical that you can be that perfect support for yourself, that perfect person who believes in you perfectly.Also, the moment you start placing that faith on something within you also end up the risk of ending up placing your faith in a false person or simply someone who could have reached a particular level but fell short of it due to any reason whatsoever.

Now, when you come to think of it, its a fairly simple step and also we have always been told by everybody to look within and find that real person. So, why are we not able to do that(look within and find answers and support) when its present there all along. Here, these lines by Rumi really gave me solace for they explain the phenomenon beautifully :

“LOVE desires that this secret should be revealed,
For if a mirror reflects not, of what use is it?
Knowest thou why thy mirror reflects not?
Because the rust has not been scoured from its face.
If it were purified from all rust and defilement,
It would reflect the shining of the SUN Of GOD.”   Rumi

I would just briefly explain the meaning and leave the rest for each one of you to decipher yourself according to your own individual understandings: Here, Rumi talks of the fact that only when you truly desire that the mirror within would reflect it would, the mirror doesn’t reflect as we need to purify ourselves first(this cannot be explained for each one of may take purifying as something else but the few who understand it would know its true meaning).

Rumi’s lines further increased my belief that you needn’t look anywhere else for the support or answers: You just need to experience life one day at a time and find and place your full faith in that all powerful GURU within or THE INNER GURU


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