There is no such thing as a GIVING TREE

There have been so many instances where i have heard people telling me stories about how they were a giving tree to someone or how someone else was one to them. I on my part could never really accept this for i couldn’t really believe that any living thing can be that self-less. So, what do we exactly mean by the phrase “Being a giving tree to someone”: What i get out of it is that you are being that perfect support for someone and being totally self-less with him, helping him out with all that you have got, putting your life at a full stop just so that his/her life goes on. Reading this would make so many of you out there feel like wanting one such person in your life and god forbids if you are in the kind of love that our girls and boys fall into these days, you would immediately imagine your partner to be one for you. However, that’s where you would go totally wrong for trust me this is the most bullshit thing that i have heard and there can be no statement more fake than this definition. There can be no Giving Tree because its against the very basic of human nature and instinct. I will now explain the WHY behind it??

Let us start by looking at the origins of this term itself: It was said that there was once a tree who gave up everything for a kid who used to play underneath it and if its making you wonder as to why would he do that, its pretty obvious right: He was in love with the kid, the perfect little story that we humans like to listen and get over-awed by. However, now hear my side of the story and decide for yourself: The tree grows its leaves towards the sun because of its basic survival needs, it needs the sun and the more of it the tree gets the more food it can produce. In this process, the leaves end up giving that bit of shade underneath. Now, the tree is not just blocking the sunlight because it wants the humans to get and relax in the shade, it is doing it for its basic survival. Another concept of the tree offering flowers and fruits to the humans to make them happy is also flawed. The tree on its part is just following the basic cycle of evolution and trying to achieve the purpose of its existence which is to reproduce or make more like itself. It is for this purpose itself that the tree grows up beautiful flowers and even stores sweet nectar so as to attract the bees. However, in the process it ends up making the ambiance beautiful. Also, the tree ensure that the fruit that grows is useful for the animals and humans for only then would they eat it and in that process the seed of the plant would get to go to some other place where if it finds suitable conditions, it may grow up to be one beautiful tree itself.

I don’t know how many of you would be getting the simplicity behind this for if you all just notice: the tree is doing nothing but following things for its survival and its basic instincts as a living thing. However, in the process of doing this, it is indirectly making the ambiance serene or providing that shade or giving us that amazing frutit to feed on. The tree is thus being totally selfish rather than self-less and this is equally true in the case of us humans as well. Isn’t the very basic nature of humans to fend for themselves, isn’t the reason as to why they stick out if groups know as families born out of the simple logic that we feel safer to be part of a group which is indirectly born out of our insecurities( the thought that makes us think we can’t survive by ourselves and need that support, which i find totally wrong). Also, don’t we take care of the people who are close to us because that give us some weird sort of inner satisfaction. In strong hindsight,only if you choose to accept it would you see it, while doing anything in life the only person we are catering to is our Inner Self. However, yet again in the process of catering to your inner self you might be doing something that may be indirectly be doing some good for someone else. So, you are never doing a task for someone else, you always do something only and only if you get appreciation from your inner self out of it. Think over it, its not easy to accept and understand.

Thus, there is no such thing as being self-less, its all about being totally selfish, right to the inner core. The sooner you accept it the better off you would be for only when you are in peace with this will you be able to get your true and best self out and in the process of doing what it good for you(here i mean, the righteous good not the fake perceptions of good that most people hold and trust me deep within everybody knows what is right and what is not)  you will end up doing what’s good for others and that my friends is being like the real tree.


2 thoughts on “There is no such thing as a GIVING TREE

  1. hey… interesting observation nakul. yes, i also belive that we we put our own welfare before everything else, (and not in the superficial sense, but in a spiritual way) we become better equipped to make a positive impact outside. Like Sister Shivani from the Brahmakumaris says, ‘Only when you are at peace with yourself, will you be able to fully give yourself to others.’ 🙂

    I’m really impressed with your observations, my lil boy! 🙂

  2. Hey Nakul,

    Read your post. Just a direction I would like to take you towards and leave you to explore – Think of the giving tree story from the perspective the author has written it and then compare it to a mother-child relationship. Would you agree to an existence of giving trees from the phrase point of view?

    I look at the story more from a metamorphic angle to make sense of it. After all, its just a story to help one imbibe some strong life skills, right?

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