Worry not about your Shine

The flower worries not about the spread of its fragrance; it blossoms nonetheless;

The tree worries not about the people savoring its fruits and shade; It spreads them nonetheless;

The sun worries not about the spread of its light; it glows nonetheless;

The peacock worries not about the audience; When the rain beckons it dances its heart out nonetheless;

The diamond worries not about its glitter; it shines nonetheless;

The coal worries not about its color; its useful nonetheless;

The bird worries not for the daily food of grain; It ventures out in the unknown nonetheless;

The fire worries not about the spread of warmth; it burns nonetheless;

Being is in the very nature of the universe and each of its small or big components; It happens nonetheless;

Embrace the worry, O’ all powerful human divine;

Let the crazy star within shine bright;

Let the free spirit within dance till it merges with the One;

Yours is everything within, Yours is everything without;

Worry if you must; Shine nonetheless;


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