For the Play carries on and on

I thought I was indispensable, the one making a difference;

The one earning the millions; the one moving the wheel;

The one shaking the status-quo; the one challenging the system;

I thought I was unique, one of a kind;

A diamond amidst all the coal;

A trickle of rain for the farmer about to lose his crops;

A ray of sun lighting it all;

Some said: Chase the material, that’s the only reality;

Some asked me to aspire for the spiritual; It was all that mattered, they said;

Some tell me to work and have an impact; For my salvation, They say make a difference here, in the now;

They all go around, carrying their own definitions of good, bad; Their own goals, their own realities;

The more I see; the more similar they all seem;

Each path leading down the same tunnel of light and darkness; Of good and bad;

The end matters not for the doer remains eternally trapped in the chase;

Does any of it matter then; the Work, the Devotion or the Wisdom?

Why play the game that is rigged only to be reset again and again;

Why not quit and stand aside;

Why not sit instead of running round and round;

For the play carries on and on;


7 thoughts on “For the Play carries on and on

  1. We each make a difference in the march of humanity, even if we decide to quit and sit down. I think it was the uncle in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who decided to go to bed and never get up again. I saw this movie as a child and he certainly made an impact on me. Wow, to be able to just go to bed and never get up again. I was impressed enough to remember the feeling forty plus years later.

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