For the Play carries on and on

I thought I was indispensable, the one making a difference;

The one earning the millions; the one moving the wheel;

The one shaking the status-quo; the one challenging the system;

I thought I was unique, one of a kind

A diamond amidst the coal

A trickle of rain for the farmer about to lose his crops

A ray of sun lighting it all

Some said Chase the material, that’s the only reality

Some asked me to aspire for the spiritual; It was all that mattered, they said

Some tell me to work and have an impact; For my salvation, they say make a difference here, in the now

They all go around, carrying their own definitions of good, bad; their own goals, their own realities

The more I see; the more similar they all seem

Each path leading down the same tunnel of light and darkness;ย Of good and bad

The end matters not for the doer remains eternally trapped in the chase

Does any of it matter then; the Work, the Devotion or the Wisdom

Why play the game that is rigged only to be reset again and again

Why not quit and stand aside

Why not sit instead of running round and round

For the play carries on and on

7 thoughts on “For the Play carries on and on

  1. We each make a difference in the march of humanity, even if we decide to quit and sit down. I think it was the uncle in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who decided to go to bed and never get up again. I saw this movie as a child and he certainly made an impact on me. Wow, to be able to just go to bed and never get up again. I was impressed enough to remember the feeling forty plus years later.

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