Vote for Change: Vote for Kejriwal(Aam Aadmi Party)

On my way back from Dwarka today, i got into a conversation on politics with the Auto-wala bhaiya. I asked him whom he was going to vote for, his instant reply was Kejriwal. I smiled as he went on to further explain how sick he was of other parties eating the country away. He for me was more politically aware then most of the people i know(who just don’t care). I probed him further by asking What if BJP/Congress distribute goodies a day before the elections, would you change your vote then. Back came his reply: I will take the goodies but vote for Kejriwal/AAP nonetheless. My smile turned into a grin, what a beautiful example of an Indian mind at work.
I will myself vote for AAP and will try to persuade as many people as i can to vote for them too. I know they will eat into BJP’s voter base which might indirectly benefit Congress, but then if BJP can’t protect its voter base it clearly shows their inefficiency. Also, yes i would any day prefer a Khichdi government in which AAP wins at-least some seats to a majority government of either Congress/BJP. For me they both are at Delhi level, the same i.e: Useless.  Yes, BJP might be a tad bit better but that may also be because they haven’t as yet had a chance to display their inefficiency.

I am really excited about the upcoming Delhi elections and the prospect of seeing people like Kejriwal actually win an election makes me really hopeful of a better tomorrow. People winning from AAP would open doors for good people to actually start contemplating about not just entering but even winning in Politics. Therefore, people the time for us to take a stance has arrived. I have taken mine, i will be voting for change, voting for AAP.

6 thoughts on “Vote for Change: Vote for Kejriwal(Aam Aadmi Party)

  1. friendly Auto wala bhaiyaa devoid of any virtue or goodness. Known to rape, kill and loot in extreme circumstances. Normally they just loot. The most corrupt private entities in Delhi. Cause of so many accidents and unruliness ruling our roads. Is there anything good about our auto wale bhaiyaa…

    He is voting for AAP only because Kejriwal has promised them immunity for their misdeeds

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