Read it again after so many days, still brings tears to my eyes. 🙂

Just A Crazy Dreamer

I still distinctly remember the day when I was standing in the newly renovated New Delhi station and was busy sulking about the day’s events. Little did I realize of the all important lesson I was about to learn and which would later actually make me thank the fact that my day had been bad. Starting right from the fact that my Rajdhani to Mumbai which was supposed to depart at 10 in the morning was delayed till late evening to the fact that I was tired beyond words and had no place to go, I knew that it was one of your days where everything just has to go wrong no matter what. Why else would the otherwise flawless Rajdhani get delayed by more than 14 hours(all thanks to the amazing Gujjars, may they never get reservation) and force me to spend an entire day in a city filled…

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