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I get really inspired whenever I read Vivekananda’s vision of rise of Sanatana Dharma from within India and its role in taking the world forward from the apathetic state of materialism it’s in now. I so love the part wherein he relegates the responsibility of taking his vision forward upon the youth of the future generation than his’s. The ease with which he set so big a vision & made such an audacious demand from the upcoming generations of his country clearly shows the immense strength that he possessed. He’s showing the way forward even today to people like me(more than a 100 years after his death).
As a youth who believes in his vision, the only way i can see of taking it forward is by first and foremost feeding and elevating the 230 million hungry Indians, for you can’t teach reason to a hungry stomach. Next will follow education and health services. How do i propose to get all of these done in my tiny life-time, my way forward is entering politics and making sure of not only the right people entering South Block, but of them being able to do it together. Even a small group of 4-5 people(who are crazy enough to give it all up for the cause) making the 1st entry will be more than enough to inspire a lot others to take it up and then, hopefully India, will get leaders(who believe in action) of the caliber it deserves and its on the shoulders of such youth that the vision of Swamiji be implemented.

P.S: Just to be very clear, i am not a Hindu or a part of any other religious sect whatsoever. Sanatana Dharma, for me is a way of life, which may vary from person to person(with just the core fundamentals being the same).


One thought on “Just another thought

  1. Thoughts are live if v give action to them, moreover, whtever v do within our surroundings creates the society. It takes a long journey to become VIVEKANADA for this I feel a lot of devotion,time,purity and a pure goal is required. So keep it up with a vision by devoting a lot to society first i.e. Tapasya. Neither the world nor we ourselves looking the work done by us but it is the nature always keep an eye on us….

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