The Injection Day @ Khushi

Today at Khushi during the doctor’s visit, all hell suddenly broke loose when he decided to give all girls injections for tetanus. I who was very innocently in my class teaching 15 girls at that time(totally unaware of the storm that was about to come) was caught totally off-guard when i all of a sudden started hearing girls howling as they were being dragged into the doctor’s chamber. My kids who had figured out what was happening outside, immediately began with the black-mailing stating that if you want us to continue studying and coming to your class, u better not open that door today. I, someone who was still unaware of what was happening and also puzzled and confused by this new external challenge that had just presented itself, was only apprised of the situation when a manager knocked on the door and asked me to send the kids for tetanus vaccination. I then tried to reason out with my kids as to why a tetanus vaccination is important and even explained them the consequences of what might happen if they were not vaccinated. However, i learnt today that when it comes to syringes, the kids don’t give a damn to anything in the world that you might have to offer.

Eventually, i did open the door and even helped drag some of my girls into the doctor’s room(i have become quite good at dragging kids now with all the practice that i get everyday and also there blackmailing works less on me now). Having failed at their first blackmailing attempt, the kids after having been vaccinated all came back with a better plan.

They said bhaiya, aapne hume to lagva diya injection, itna jaruri hai to khud ko bhi lagvao( Bhaiya, you forced us to get injected, now if its so important, you also get injected). All of a sudden, i find myself being dragged by all of them, with my own reasoning being applied against me. I thought of it and saw this as an opportunity(though a painful one) of getting them back into the class quickly for otherwise it would have taken me hours to woo them back, also, i kinda didn’t really have much of a choice. I was pushed into the chair with tons of tiny eyes staring at me  and a really excited doctor with a syringe in his hand. For the kids, this was the moment wherein their bhaiya would have to rise up to the level of leading by example, be it for something as trivial as getting an injection(not that good a thing for the poor bhaiya though).

So then, it ended with me getting an Injection as well.  The best part is that out of all the things that i ever expected to do as a teacher, this was one thing that i swear i could have never even thought of but then Life has its own beautiful ways of taking you by surprise every now and then.


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