The Clouds atop the Mountain

I went on a two day trip to a camp in Dhanaulti region of Uttrakhand. From my camp, i had a 180 degree view of the picturesque and majestic Himalayas in front of me, if  i ever needed any inspiration to write, this was it. The following is the article that i wrote while i was sitting there.

As i sit here watching the beautiful, fluffy white clouds play with the sturdy, majestic greenish-brown mountains and the best part of it is of-course, the background of my bright blue sky, I wonder if there could be any moment more perfect. Nature, however, continues to amaze and bless me again and again with these amazing beautiful moments, demonstrating just how much beauty there is in each and every minute detail of it if only we were to intricately observe it. Compare it with our life which is so chaotic, so disordered, so random. Is it because we try to take control of it, because we don’t just let it go and freely take and shape up its course. Maybe, am yet to figure out an answer to this one.

Should we while making choices remember that this whole universe doesn’t necessarily or in any way rotate around us and we are nothing but a tiny, speck like part of it. We tend to give too much importance to our little self and try to drive a lot of things according to our-self. Is this why we get so much stuck with the idea of Self and then all our choices are made accordingly and aren’t organic or natural anymore.

Also, on a completely different note its beautiful to see how the clouds come and play around the mountains. Also, if you notice the fact that as and when the clouds come around and play with the mountains they slowly dissipate away after fooling around with it for a while. The mountain on its part doesn’t move/shift or display any change. It in-fact doesn’t even do anything to shoo the clouds away. It doesn’t get affected or changes its shape due to the clouds playing with it. These clouds are a result of external phenomenon’s and are beyond the mountain’s control, i.e: the mountain can’t control their formation or non-formation. The mountain can’t really do anything about their existence and the fact that they rise up and come and play around it. The reason why i am writing all this is because of a co-relation that struck me upon  observing this.

So, now co-relate that with our mind-stuff(Chitta) and our thoughts. When thoughts, which are a result of external objects acting upon our senses, come and play around (hover over) our mind-stuff(chitta), we tend to let ourselves be perturbed by them. Thus, we tend to be a slave to those external perceptions rather than being a constant. By being a constant, i in no way mean rigid, i mean being a master and controlling those external perceptions, which can only come after high amount of understanding of self and discipline. The thoughts which are totally beyond our control and can arise out of anything shouldn’t disturb our mind’s focus. If each of you think of your life, you would remember those few moments wherein you were in full control of your self(mind) and knew where to go and you would also remember those thoughts that diverted you away from your path. We don’t remain sturdy like the mountains, we let ourselves get carried away by the external thoughts. This doesn’t mean cessation of thoughts or of their analysis. Thoughts would always be there and our mind will always analyse them, however, it should be so in our control that we know which ones to give importance and which ones to ignore or in very simple terms: Being a Master 

I wish i could have captured that moment to show to all of u but i believe that such moments can’t be captured, they can just be experienced.

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