The Ignorance

The ignorance present so widely in the world has got to me: the positivity in me has been badly affected and battered by the rejection all around, the rejection of even the slightest possibility that any good can be brought about from what I intend to do in my life. Furthermore, the presence of hypocrisy all around has myself made me challenge my own belief in the presence of goodness inherently in all of us, I now don’t know as to the why of it being so absent even after it being present within all of us. I have failed to understand the reasons behind us humans operating due to either just desire or fear. Why do we just operate under fear of something that may happen, why do we do operate for just satisfying our desires. If you think of it, most evils affecting us today are born out of our own desires: be it power, lust, greed, jealousy or the hunger for pleasure. We humans are the only living things that mate for reasons other than reproduction, we do it for pleasure and pleasure alone, not knowing that it is this basic desire which corrupts us the most right at the most basic level for are we not giving away something that is so sacred for just some moments of short-lived pleasures. I neither have any answers to those who may seek to know of the why was this made such if its only purpose was for reproduction, I just think that it was made pleasurable only because to show the human the importance behind the necessity of making another of its kind.

If you look and decide to learn from the nature, isn’t the basic purpose of any plant or animal to fend for himself/herself first and then make more of their kind. The plant/animal just lives his life trying to fulfil the duties that it has been assigned to the best of its ability and it is in this process of fulfilling its duty that it ends up benefiting others around him. For eg: a plant grows a flower to attract bees so as to set off the process of pollination which would lead to spread of more plants of its own kind. Now, in order to attract the bees, it is very important for the flower to ensure that it has what the bees need which is a sweet fluid or nectar. Thus, the flower is just fulfilling its duty, also the bee is just fulfilling its duty of collecting the nectar so as to make food for its survival(fending for itself) and in the process of them both doing their duties well, they end up helping each other out(they are both inter-dependent). Now, if even one of them was to not do its duty properly, that would mean not just the end of itself, it would even start off the process of the end of other and eventually everything.

This makes me wonder as to how much are we humans actually far into the process of self-destruction by not fulfilling our duties to the best of our ability. We just operate out of desires or fear, i.e: unless and until we have a personal desire attached to the work, we will choose not to do it totally ignoring the duty that may have been prescribed to us for fulfilling the duty and totally ignoring the negative chain of events that may set into action in the universe. We are totally selfish in our operations without realising even for a single moment that what we are starting off is what we are going to get back eventually. I recently read somewhere about our body being the most basic example of the principle of inter-dependence. Take this case: if your hand refuses to co-operate in putting the food into your mouth then eventually the stomach will have nothing to digest and the body will have nothing to draw energy from, this would ultimately lead to the hand itself getting weakened. Now, if this is so simple to understand, doesn’t it make you wonder as to the why behind people not seeing it, doesn’t it make you wonder behind the basic premise as to why were people make like that in the first place, I mean if god(assuming there is one) had to give everyone free will, couldn’t he have made that part of the brain that understands fear and desire a bit weaker. I fail to understand as to the why behind a human brain being so prone to corruption or even if it’s not as to why is following a principle so tough.

All of us as children intuitively follow the right path then what happens to us when we grow up, why don’t we do what’s right to the best of our ability even when we know it. Why do we want a shortcut for anything when we very well know that it will come back and harm us back, why are we so scared of standing up for what we believe in, why are we so double-faced. Why we are like this and what is the solution out of all this. So many good people have given up their lives for the cause, teaching us the proper way of living, telling us of the importance of truth, asking us to seek the truth within. Most of you reading this would agree with me and so would people with whom you have a talk regarding this topic, however, only for an instant wonder as to how many of you really follow something even close to that in your lives and if you don’t then why not. If we choose not to follow the right path even after agreeing, then what else can be done and how can the suffering present all around us ever end. You can wake up a person who is sleeping, but how do u wake up a person who is awake but is still acting to be asleep.

How many more people need to be sacrificed for the good cause before the world understands the important of being honest and love?

How many more Gandhi’s and Buddha’s and Rumi’s do we need or do we need them at all? Have we been given free will so as to exercise that in not fulfilling even the very simple of our duties?

Will this world continue to function as it is and if it will then is it even worth doing something good: I have no idea whatsoever?

Why do we all behave so Ignorant even after knowing so much?

My principles of integrity and goodness have been badly shaken and an air of helplessness has enveloped me for the time being. I need to understand the very basic of the existence of life if I am to move ahead. I need to understand that I can be nothing but be a witness to the hypocrisy. Each person is somewhere down the process of evolution whose ultimate aim is to seek the ultimate truth and understand that life is nothing but a journey of experiences wherein each one of us has to do their duty to the best of their ability, we have to do our part without any attachment to either the positive or negative results. We have to learn from the nature where everything is just busy following its duties without caring or giving any importance to anything. The sooner I can get this knowledge in practice in my life, the better off I will be. Until then and to achieve that, I will have to walk alone: Ekla Chalo Re.


2 thoughts on “The Ignorance

  1. Dude. What I think you fail to realize that most people are not capable of thinking beyond themselves, They are limited by their capability to think (IQ/EQ/ whatever). Plus as for India most people have just risen from a life of scarcity, it is in their DNA to be selfish, very few people who have been taught from chilhood or similar indulge in activities that go beyond them. Look at the Indian middle class, least bothered about voting, leadership, etc. The lower class is involved beacuse they want to rise, the upper either cuz its a fashion or they understand. The middle ones are just dumb, too involved in their own life to think. Unka kaam chal rha hai.
    You are probably gifted enough to apply your own mind and have a free thinking, most people need guidance. Hence we have, religion, babas, matas, churches, etc.
    I think what we need most right now is awareness. Awareness that we are being fools by being selfish, and for long term sustainability we need more social activities.

  2. Look at this frustration in the face and give it a smile, for you are not alone. You’re almost there… just need to climb a little higher. Have you bothered to watch the Zeitgeist : Moving Forward documentary? Do try to check it out. If you want to dismiss this, please dismiss it after you’ve seen it.
    And I’ve also faced this same frustration, I totally echo you on so many things you’ve written here. But I’ve found ways to tackle it without adjusting, without giving up on anything. It’s not easy but hey, are we here just for doing things that are easy?

    “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” – J.Krishnamurthi

    Also check out some TED Talks… on Vulnerability and another on Practical Wisdom.

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