If you want to learn theory, talk with theoreticians. That way is oral.
When you learn a craft, practice it. That learning comes through the hands.
If you want dervishhood, spiritual poverty and emptiness, you must be friends with a teacher.
Talking about it, reading books, and doing practices don’t help. Soul receives from soul that knowing. 65
The mystery of absence may be living in your pilgrim heart, and yet the knowing of it may not yet be yours.

Beg for the love expansion. Meditate only on THAT.
There is a basket of fresh bread on your head, yet you go door to door asking for crusts.
Knock on the inner door, no other. Sloshing knee-deep in fresh riverwater, yet you keep asking for other people’s waterbags.
Water is everywhere around you, but you see only barriers that keep you from water. 66
The horse is beneath the rider’s thighs, and still you ask, “Where’s my horse?”
Right there, under you!
Yes, this is a horse, but where’s the horse? Can’t you see?
“Yes I can see, but whoever saw such a horse?”
Mad with thirst, you can’t drink from the stream running close by your face. You are like a pearl on the deep bottom wondering inside the shell,
Where’s the ocean?
Those mental questionings form the barrier.”

Taken from “Rumi The Book of Love” by Coleman Barks

Sharing something that i came across a few days back and i really enjoyed reading it again and again. I hope you enjoy it as well.


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