What’s your problem bhaiyya??

Its assessment time in schools and the kids have their final exam on. I am supposed to be administering to them a whole host of assessments so as to be able to check their actual level of growth throughout the year. One of these assessments involve checking a kid’s reading fluency. So, while taking RF tests yesterday, i told Shama, who had just finished her reading assignment, to go and  tell J. Akash to come and meet me. She went into the classroom and asked Akash to do the same.

Akash came running towards where i was sitting and as he approached me he said ” What’s your problem, bhaiyya. Why are you calling me? ” For the first 2 minutes after he said it, i was just too shocked to react. I looked at him and said: “What??” to which he again very innocently said the same thing. I so wish i could put up a picture of my expressions at that time. It took me some time to comprehend what he was actually trying to say and what he ended up saying. So, what J.Akash was actually trying to say was that Bhaiyya, what is the problem, why have you called me. This happens a lot in my class for the kids have just recently got down to speaking english and so a lot of broken(tutta-futta jugaad vala) english is used by the kids. Its infinitely cute though.

Just imagine a kid(your student) coming up and asking you in a totally innocent way What your problem is? It was just so so funny, for the kid had no idea what his small error in English had done. As for me, J Akash definitely did add yet another priceless moment that i have had in my journey as a teacher so far.



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