I have a DREAM

At 38, Akhilesh is all set to be the youngest CM of UP…..

At 39, Rajiv Gandhi became the youngest PM of the country….

They both were the next generations of well-set political families of India……

At 22, i have just started, have no political backing or even the slightest of connections….

But what i have is much more powerful, I HAVE A DREAM……

A Dream that keeps me going each and every day, A dream that i know i will fulfill someday…..

Some may call it over-confidence but i choose to call it hope….

Hope in the power of hard-work, genuine intent, intellect and integrity…….

And they say, HOPE is the most powerful thing a person can have…….

For deep within i know i will get there for sure……

A Crazy Dreamer,


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