Poonam’s witty answer

I had taken a temporary break from writing on my blog, for a few days it had even been extended to me not speaking with anyone. I had compeltely gone back in my shell as i felt i had a lot to figure out and during that time, i didn’t want any noise from outside to disturb me. Actually, its not the noise from outside that disturbs, its your own inner response to the outer noise that prevents you from listening to your own voice, for you so get lost into analysing or thinking of the responses evoked that you end up forgetting to listen to your own self. However, i am glad to be back and would come straight to the topic of my today’s post:

Poonam is a very tiny, cute girl in my class. She is one of the silent intelligent kids of my class who rarely talk but pick up everything real fast and thus, is one of the very few and rarely found model students for any teacher(I have 2 more such students in my class and i know i am really lucky). Yesterday, i was reading out a story ” The Sandwich” to my kids which is basically a simple story about the different things put and steps involved in making a sandwich. After, reading out 2-3 pages, i gave the kids the remaining pages to read themselves and answer the given questions afterwards.

The toughest question in my assessment was: What else can you put in a Sandwich? 

In this, i was expecting the kids to apply their brain and think of other things that they would like to put if they make themselves a sandwich. Kids came up with answers ranging from potatoes, cucumber to jam, cheese, etc. However, the most interesting and witty answer was that of Poonam. She answered in all her innocence: Bhaiyya, I am no sandwich, eating.

I had an amazing laugh after checking and knew that i had found the moment i was looking for to inspire me to start writing again. I hope you have a good laugh too.

Take Care,



P.S: The Teach For India deadline has been extended uptil 15th of Feb, do visit http://www.teachforindia.org if you want to apply.

2 thoughts on “Poonam’s witty answer

  1. nakul, read you blogs and now i feel that yes the experience you are getting with these kids , non can think a bit of that in corp world. keep writing i really enjoyed and felt proud that this is nukul who i know.and when ever you feel lonely and not in a good mood just come to me, i will share that hell with you. keep going kid

  2. Nakul, it is for instances like these and a million others that I want to join TFI in the first place and visiting your school and classes, just helped me in a big big way.

    I have been selected finally…

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