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9 months ago i took a decision to join Teach For India….At the time of taking the decision, i was aware of the fact that i would be giving up a lot to start something anew. However, little did i know of how much more i would be gaining. I walked into my classroom, thinking that i was here to impact the kids life and give them new meaning, yet again little did i know of how much more they would impact me, how their innocence would not only help me but force me in bringing out my real self, of how their cute little smiles and infinite love would remove all the negativity of the past from within me and teach me to live in the moment or very simply i never knew that teaching these kids would bring me to myself. I dunno when or how but losing myself amongst the kids somehow helped me in finding myself. Life is all so simple now, I do things i love without the fear or insecurities of the future or the negative influence of my past experiences and trust me once you start doing the things you love, a whole new world opens out before you. If you can resonate with what i say, then Teach For India may be the right place for you. Join The fellowship

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