The Rebellion

Hazaaroon khwaahishein aisi ki har khwaahish pe dum nikale.
A thousand desires such as these, such that you can lay down your life for every one of them..

I am in search for those 1000 desires for myself or maybe that one magnificent dream which would lead me to thousand such desires. I am now desperate in my search for it since i know i am pretty close and have quite a fair idea of the path that will take me to it.Also, I am fully aware that nothing other than utmost level of crazy,obsessive hard work would take me to it and bring more clarity to the faint ideas that i have in my mind. However, until I find it, I m on my very own rebellion against the world. It may not mean a thing to anyone but to me it signifies my very own ability to go and search within myself for what I seek. This rebellion is my own way of not accepting the things in their present form. However I am also well aware that as of now I am yet to understand the world fully and also my thinking capacity is not wide enough to begun offering any solutions as yet. I know I need to build that up, I need to ensure that my own integrity is as unyielding as granite. I need to go back into my shell for that and have to avoid any noise whatsoever from the world.
This is my rebellion against the world and until and unless I consider myself to be as strong as I want to be in order to stand up and face the multitude of problems that I see all around, to be able to walk the talk all the time, to be able to counter that helplessness that takes over me whenever I am confronted by the dark,harsh realities of the world. Maybe, I am wrong in cutting myself like this off from the world but if that would be the case, life would teach me a valuable lesson indeed, However, for now, I refuse to communicate with anyone on a personal level from now onwards. I am not on facebook, nor on twitter either and my cell phone would remain switched off mostly. Don’t try to get in touch with me, I won’t respond. This is my utmost form of rebellion against the world and I hereby disconnect myself.


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