I am sharing with you all a beautiful poem which perfectly summarizes what a teacher is. I got so inspired after reading this and i would really like to thank my totally awesome Project Manager AKA P.M in TFI lingo for giving this to me. Your confidence in me Emma motivates me to daily challenge myself and reach new highs.

So here is the poem:

I Am a Teacher

I was born the first moment that a question leaped from the mouth of a child.

Throughout the course of a day I have been called upon to be an actor, friend, nurse and doctor, coach, finder of lost articles, money lender, taxi-driver, psychologist, substitute parent, salesman, politician and a keeper of the faith.

Despite the maps, charts, formulas, verbs, stories and books. I have really had nothing to teach, for my students really have only themselves to learn, and I know it takes the whole world to tell you who you are.

I am a paradox. I speak loudest when i listen the most. My greatest gifts are in what I am willing to appreciatively receive from my students.

Material Wealth is not one of my goals, but I am a full-time treasure seeker in my quest for new opportunities for my students to use their talents that sometimes lie buried in self-defeat.

I am the most fortunate of all who labour. A doctor is allowed to usher life into the world in one magic moment. I am allowed to see that life is reborn each day with new questions, ideas and friendships.

An architect knows that if he builds with care, his structure may stand for centuries. A teacher knows that if he builds with love and truth, what he builds will last forever.

I am a warrior, daily doing battle against peer pressure, negativity, fear, conformity, prejudice, ignorance and apathy. But I have great allies: Intelligence, Creativity, Faith, Love and Laughter all rush to my banner with indomitable support.

Ans so I have a past that is rich in memories. I have a present that is challenging, adventurous and fun because I am allowed to spend my days with the future.

I am a teacher.



P.S: I have no clue about the true author, it was given to me by my PM Emma. I would still like to credit this beautiful piece to the invisible amazing awesome teacher who created this. Thank you so much.

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